SkinLuxe Loyalty Program

$100 A Month

Charged at the End of Each Month on Any Credit or Debit Card

Cancel At Any Time

Payment is Bankable for Other Services

Benefits of Joining

Each Month Members are Allowed To Chose One Treatment From The List Below With No Additional Cost

Botox $11/unit

Xeomin $10/unit


Medical Microdermabrasion

PCA Chemical Peel

Laser Treatment (IPL Spot Treatment) ( Broken Facial Veins)

Year Round 20% Discount on ALL Skin Care Products

*If A Different Treatment is Preferred an Upcharge Will Be Applied*

Luxe Treatment Add On's

  • Under eye Collagen treatment: $10
  • Hand Scrub And Polish $30/ 15 Minutes
  • Upper Lip Laser Hair Reomval $75/ 15 Minutes
  • Sinus Pain Treatment: Address Sinus Pain Associated with Allergies $25/ 15 Minutes
  • Your Choice Facial Mask: Hydrating Oatmeal, Exfoliating Pumpkin, Brightening Papaya $49/ 20 Minutes